The 2018 Wrap Up

There is something powerful in tradition - whether it’s the structure, the process, or the end result. Like most organizations, at the end of the year Imagine Thailand takes time to reflect, evaluate, and discuss all that the year entailed. For us, we try to celebrate as much as we can - and 2018 brought much to celebrate. Before we dive into that, if you want to look back on 2017, you can check out the 2017 Wrap Up.

We know that collaboration is the fuel that helps drive our work. As you read these facts, figures, and highlights, please know that these wins are not just about Imagine Thailand. They are a demonstration of what working together can do. Within our own team, there is no one person who has done it all. We do this together. We also do this with you - though your donations, volunteerism, and engagements. These wins are your wins too.

In 2018, we…

  • worked with 10 key partners to operate projects and programming

  • with our partners, we helped relocate and renovate Entrance Coffeehouse & Studio on the campus of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok

  • helped host and teach at 3 leadership camps / workshops

  • facilitated a mini-conference for workers engaged with university campuses

  • collaborated with FGAT Foundation to help organize a major fundraising marathon to take place in 2019

  • said farewell to Hannah who had served with Imagine for years

  • welcomed Taepal as our Assistant Director of Student Life

  • our Lead Team worked with an organizational coach to help retune our vision and values. In conjunction with our entire team we developed our inward and outward facing values.

  • as part of our Clean Water Project, installed 10 new clean water filtration systems

  • performed filter maintenance at over 69 locations

  • in Mae Sot, we hosted 5 international volunteer teams and 3 individuals or families

  • gave away 80 backpacks for migrant children

  • donated 30 first aid kits; over 500 boxes of protein enriched ManaRice; over 2,200 kilograms of plain rice; 1,440 cans of sardines, blankets and hats; 200 Christmas gift bags, and lots of secondhand clothing

  • at the Lighthouse Learning Centre in Takua Pa, we had 60 children in regular attendance

  • continue to conduct business development skills training for women at the Lighthouse Learning Centre

  • celebrate the first generation of children who attended the Learning Centre are now studying at universities around the country

  • hosted a children’s camp in October near Takua Pa

  • in Hat Yai in January we launched a university student discussion group and had 40 - 60 students engaging weekly

  • some of the students from this discussion club went on a service trip to work with our team in Mae Sot

  • in July our partners launched Sela English Centre in Hat Yai

  • our team continues to teach at Prince of Songkhla University with over 300 students per week

  • ran a leadership camp for the Faculty of Liberal Arts at Chulalongkorn University in conjunction with a volunteer team from Canada

These are just some of the milestones which we can capture. The moments which truly excite us are hard to convey. It is seeing students from the Lighthouse Learning Centre excel on their government exams and find the confidence to believe in themselves. It’s the conversation with a university student from Bangkok as they begin to understand the reality faced by those outside of the city. It is the smile of a child in a migrant school when they take their first sip of clean drinking water. These are the moments that propel us into 2019. We’re excited to engage this coming year with you!