October is Action Packed

It’s the start of October!  That singularly incredible month that everyone everywhere eagerly anticipates!  Because, as we all know, October is chockful of special days and celebrations that make it, well, really special and, um, celebratory.  

Take October 2nd, for example ... it’s not only “Name Your Car Day”, it’s also the “International Day of Non-violence”, meaning if your car is ticked off at the name you’ve saddled it with, it probably won’t crush your ribs with the seatbelt fastener or deploy the airbag just as you’ve turned onto Rama IV in rush hour.

October 3rd is “Virus Appreciation Day”, because, let’s face it, people the world over absolutely love viruses. Mongolian Lung Puck is a personal favourite.

You get a stellar trio of celebrations on October 4th!  It’s “Taco Day”, “Vodka Day” AND “World Animal Day”.  I’m thinking, though, that if some people get a little too enthusiastic on the Vodka part, then attempts at celebrating Tacos and World Animals at the same time could be somewhat problematic.

“World Smile Day” is on October 5th.  And hey!  This is Thailand for Pete’s sake!  Nailed it!!!

We’ve also got “Moldy Cheese Day”, “Hug a Drummer Day”, “Old Farmers Day” and “Reptile Awareness Day” (head to Lumphini for those cuddly monitor lizards, folks).  And let’s not forget “Cranky Co-workers Day” on the 27th and “Haunted Refrigerator Day” on the 30th (which is what happens when you forget about all the festive food you served up on the 4th).  October is also “Sarcastic Month” and “Cookie Month”, so be sure and serve up Oreos With Attitude.

But amidst this panoply of goofy, offbeat and even some well-intentioned “special days” there are a couple that have a particular significance for Thailand … the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on October 17th and King Chulalongkorn Day on October 23rd.  

So here’s a thought … and a challenge … what if the two days were considered together?  What if … in honour of the Great Reformer who eliminated slavery, guaranteed freedom of religion and modernized the country, we too embark on a similar path?  What if … the students of the university that bears his name start, very deliberately, to tackle the issue of poverty? What if … in their passion and excitement to do what is right, they ignite a country-wide movement?  Now those would be special days!

Happy October everyone!