October is Action Packed

It’s the start of October!  That singularly incredible month that everyone everywhere eagerly anticipates!  Because, as we all know, October is chockful of special days and celebrations that make it, well, really special and, um, celebratory.

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World Tourism Day 2018 Resonates in Thailand

September 27th is World Tourism Day. It seems appropriate that we take note of it as:

1. We are head-quartered in the most touristed city in the world

2. We host many international volunteers who come to be part of what we do here in Thailand and

3. We believe that travel and exploration are truly some of the greatest educational tools to bring about positive change.

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Adminstrator Imaginethailand
July 11th is world population day

Today is a day to remember, celebrate and focus our attention on population issues around the world. Population topics such as family planning, human rights, education, maternal health, child health, reproductive health, poverty, gender equality, and many others, are important issues as the global population increases. Each year, the total population grows by approximately 83 million people and it is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030.

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