Keys to the Car + Driving Lessons

Suppose someone bought your 13-year-old self a band-new shiny car with all of the bells and whistles one can imagine. Pretty awesome, right? Now let’s say that buying the car is all they did for you. No how-to tutorial. No driving lessons. Sure - you could make a go of it. You might bounce off a few things, but deep in your heart you’d know that you’re not getting the most out of this new machine you’ve been gifted.

Now let’s say that the car is a water filter system. Making the investment in a water system for a school or community is amazing, but it is only the beginning. Knowing how to use and maintain the system ensures success in the long run!

At Imagine Thailand, we design and install custom water filtration systems to help schools, and the wider community, have sustainable access to safe drinking water. And this is a good thing - it ensures people are healthy to learn better, play longer, and help at home more - but we don’t stop there.

With our water projects we include one year of maintenance and training. A member of the Imagine Thailand team will do on site inspection, maintenance, and filter replacement to train people at that location. It equips people with the knowledge they need to make the water system their own. It also gives migrant schools and boarding homes time to build replacement filters into their operating budget. We don’t want to create dependencies, but rather build a relationship and so after that first year, we’re always available to help our water partners when needed.

#WorldWaterDay turns 25 this year and we’re celebrating 10 years of #TheCleanWaterProject at Imagine Thailand. We’re big believers in more than just the water filtration systems - we believe in the people, schools, and communities where we work. We believe they can drive the car and go far!