Team Building Camp at Chulalongkorn University

In late August we finished off a twelve week Leadership Course with the Pharmacy Department of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. The final component of this required course for 188 graduating students is about teamwork. With the help of safety and ropes specialists Stephen and Wendy Chiang from Singapore and additional fifty volunteers we were able to host a two-day "Outward Bound" camp. Students rapelled (absailed) off the Pharmacy building, climbed tires, built tents blind-folded and six other team based activities. The camp was so successful that university student affairs has invited us to provide the same kind of training to the entire student population of 30,000. We are now figuring out how to do that, while at the same time continuing to teach in the Pharmacy Dept. Our material is Biblically-based and focuses on activity based learning. The entire class is divided into small groups which are facilitated by recent graduates and young professionals from our local churches, who take the extra effort to get to know the students and become their friends and mentors.

Adminstrator Imaginethailand